What is IB School? Is International Baccalaureate Best for Your Child?

Based in Geneva and founded in the year 1968, the IBO or International Baccalaureate Organization is a non-profit academic organization. It is aimed to offer top quality international education programs across the world. The IB schools in Gurgaon are offering IB curriculum to students as they are recognized by IBO.

The IB program is application based and practical with a broader range of subjects focused on overall growth of children. The knowledge of students is tested in IB exams. The IB program is focused on ‘how to learn’ instead of what they need to learn. So, children need to reach “Middle Years Program” or class 10 to go for external exams. Choosing the right IB school is not easy as you need to consider certain things.

  1. Follow IB Curriculum all the Time

Over the years, the face of education has dramatically changed. IB schools follow IB curriculum just from Nursery to Class 12th. An IB school should help students to understand a subject or concept deeply by providing free access to external courses and resources. Exams should be designed to improve knowhow of course materials. It is better to keep up with one kind of teaching approach and board. It can be stressful to change the curriculum in senior or middle school.

  • Diversity of Community

Improving the horizons of children despite cultural and race diversity is the major part of IB school. They are capable of bringing the whole world to a classroom. They teach students to appreciate everyone. You need to figure out the diversity of their community. It is also vital to have diversity in teachers to bring out their own experiences and learning to the table. Teaching staff can also go off limits to put in best practices.

  • Liberal Approach

A school is more than just a place to improve intelligence. It is also a place which teaches to become emotionally strong. The overall goal of a school should be to ensure each student is confident and happy. They should focus on emotional growth of a child so he or she can focus on their overall development, instead of just educational.

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