All About Excelsior

Excelsior American School is one of the best International Schools in the National Capital Region, located in the heart of Gurugram. At Excelsior, we are true believers in the relationship between inspiration and growth. Our primary mission is to develop a strong sense of self-worth and responsibility in our students.
Over the past decade, we have garnered a strong reputation to become one of the best international schools in the country, thanks to a firm leadership dedicated to a unanimous mission of building a community of leaders and lifelong learners. Through the incorporation of international pedagogy, we nurture in our students an educational development relevant to the challenges of the 21st Century and prepare them for acceptance to first-class universities throughout the world. Students should be inspired  to be passionate about learning and curious about the world around them, and our curriculum has been specially curated keeping these fundamentals in mind.

A Comprehensive International Curriculum

A strong foundation of education is laid out for our students through an extensively planned International Curriculum. Among our various courses, we offer:

  • American Montessori Curriculum for Pre-Primary students
  • Cambridge International Curriculum for Grade 1 to Grade 8
  • IGCSE for Grades 9 & 10
  • Cambridge A Levels and International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (with the option of choice among the two), for Grades 11 through Grade 12.

A prime focus on experiential learning lays a strong foundation for our motto ‘Self-Inspired Learning’. Though the Cambridge Curriculum is at the heart of pedagogy at Excelsior, our pronged approach with accommodation for multiple International Curricula is testament to our educational diversity. Every child has a seed of greatness within, and we are committed to seeing it come to fruition!

What Sets Us Apart

At Excelsior, we believe in nurturing pure passion, not momentary encouragement. Our students must have an urge to excel and that urge must come from within. That is how we nurture lifelong “self-inspired” learners.

Our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, solar-powered campus is spread across 5 acres sprawling with flora, making the environment perfect for unperturbed academic perusal. With this warm environment, our young minds thrive in their co-curricular and academic pursuits with ease.

Our Montessori, IB and Cambridge trained expert educators provide a world-class learning environment for our students. The teaching techniques are consistent across the school, allowing the students a smooth transition, in every subject across grades.

Health is true wealth. Our aim is to help the children develop healthy eating habits from a young age. Therefore, we include nutrition as an important factor in their learning skills. Developing a nutritious meal plan to provide a balanced diet for our students is an imperative prerogative.

Our innovative playground is specially designed for children’s outdoor activities with the safety and security of our students being concerns of the highest priority. In order to fulfil the important need for physical exercise, the outdoor play arena along with sports facilities is available to the children so that they may reinvigorate themselves and their minds.

The sports complex comprises of both indoor and outdoor sports activities with specialised trainers and coaches available for each activity. Squash, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, basketball, cricket are a few examples of the vast collection of activities available.

We believe each student is a flower just waiting to blossom. But like any flower, each requires its own unique level of care and nourishment to allow them to flourish. Thus each child is personally guided by their faculties. We believe in a self-paced curriculum which enables the children to progress at their own speed, and to benefit from this we maintain a strict student to teacher ratio in every classroom.

Boarding Facilities

Thanks to an excellent infrastructure and a vast range of necessary amenities, we excel in providing a suitable and comfortable boarding experience to our students. Our daycare facilities have students from diverse backgrounds and cultures come together and thrive in our environment. At Excelsior, we embrace and celebrate our vibrant global community of young learners!


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