Introduction To Excelsior

Excelsior American School is one of the best residential and day-boarding schools in the country, located in the heart of Gurugram. By incorporating international pedagogy and UK’s Cambridge-based curricula, we encourage in our students an inherent curiosity and nurture in them their undiscovered potential. We can proudly wear the badge of experience, that has proved over the years our prowess in doing so.

At Excelsior, our motivational academic ethos focuses on enabling students to develop effective life skills. This is inclusive of capacitating them to actively participate in their passions, interests and academics. Our environment has been planned in such a way that students easily indulge and assimilate into a holistic growth process that targets education & child development as per the current global context. We prepare our students to be future-ready.

Our motto at Excelsior is “Self-Inspired Learning”. The motto is an embodiment of our belief in empowering independent thinking, an analytical approach and the ability to be self-driven and motivated. With our world-class campus in Gurugram– Excelsior is regarded as one of India’s top International Schools with its high standards of teaching methodology, technology collaboration, and a global culture in every aspect of learning.