Learning Environment

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Learning Environment

We want children to be inspired by their good work, not by reward, thus creating a love of learning. As “self-inspired” learners, they will possess a strong conviction and power of the heart, mind and body working together. Children will no longer be restless, but will rather build a long attention span and love of learning.For the overall development of the child, we have high quality infrastructure which provides a suitable platform for the children to learn and grow at their own pace.


What makes Excelsior unique?

State of the art building:

Our state-of-the-art facility has been carefully designed to accommodate the complex needs of children. You can relax during the day, confident that your young one is safe and secure in a setting geared to enhance learning. This warm and inviting atmosphere is the next best thing to home.

Nutritious meals

Nutrition is an important factor in learning. Hot lunches are planned to provide good nourishment and develop healthful eating habits from a young age. Nutritious snacks are also provided several times a day.

Trend setting playground:

Our innovative playground equipment is one of the best designed out door area amongst various school yards. In order to fulfil the important need for physical exercise, these outdoor facilities are available to the children when they feel the need to move about.

Well- trained staff

All staff members are professionally trained in the Montessori principles of education and Cambridge International Examinations. Teaching methods are consistent throughout the school, making for a smooth transition as students move from one learning area to another.

Outstanding education:

Our active, self-directed educational process fosters the utmost in creative thinking. We

empower the children via a unique balance of freedom and responsibility, both in and out of the classroom. These early academic success experiences create a joy of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Individualized attention

Each child is thoroughly evaluated and personally guided through a self-paced curriculum. This accounts for individual differences and enables the children to progress at their own speed. Thus, the level of stress is minimized, and they are free to set up their own challenges (even choose the order of their work). It has been shown that learning actually occurs faster in the absence of fixed, imposed constraints.

Enriched curriculum

Rich curricula are planned for all ages. Language development, strong vocabulary, and enhanced general knowledge are emphasized at all levels. Pre-primary classes also focus on practical life, sensorial, early reading and math, as well as cultural experiences. Students can have hands-on learning experience using practical skills labs for language, mathematics and culture studies.

Indoor air conditioned sports complex

The sports complex holds air-conditioned squash court, badminton court and table tennis court and is equipped with the latest sports equipment for students to keep fit. The sports complex also hosts a State of the art air conditioned auditorium with seating of around 400 people with latest audio/video system.

Outdoor lawn tennis & basketball court

Students can also use the outdoor tennis and basketball courts which provide an excellent platform for students to develop their athletic spirit along with skills of the sport.