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"Changing the world, one child at a time"

our leadership


Excelsior owes its genesis to the vision of its two main architects Ms Rita and Mr. Hersh Kumar, Ms Rita, an eminent educationist is a gold medallist from MS university, Vadodara and to further her educational goals went on to pursue her MS from Texas women’s university. On the other hand, Mr. Hersh Kumar a philanthropist and a passionate educator is a gold medallist from one of the premier institutes of India, IIT Roorkee. Their passion & love for children brought them together and gave birth to a unique way of educating young children.

They are the owners of one of the largest & finest private school system in Texas, USA. They have a chain of schools abroad & having had great success there in providing quality education have come to India to further their passion. Their experience of more than two decades has helped them shape a vision that is extraordinary and unique.

Dedicated to nurturing excellence in spirit & a deep love of life, Excelsior to them is a milieu in which the larger existential issues could be explored in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility. The cultivation of a global outlook, a spirit of enquiry and concern for man & environment, a quest for excellence are the hallmarks, which have come alive at the school.

Our philosophy is based on Self-inspired learning. A learning environment with an optimum blend of freedom with responsibility will nurture children who will be creative yet balanced, open minded, lifelong learners. We believe in an inquiry-based, holistic and student-centred approach to teaching and learning. Such an educational experience provides students with necessary skills both academically and otherwise therefore honing the individual talents of students and making them contribute positively in creating a more peaceful World.

Hersh Kumar

“We are strong believers in the philosophy of Self Inspired Learning”

Rita Kumar

“Excelsior American School aims┬áto teach children how to think rather than what to think”