5 Ways How A Multi-Cultural Environment In School Improves A Child’s Personality

In today’s era, sensitivity to diversity and socio-cultural awareness has become really important. One of the places where this can be noticed is in international schools like Excelsior American School, where people from different cultural backgrounds converge.

With a wide variety of nationalities present in a single place, international schools harbor an enriching multi-cultural environment. Here are five ways in which a multi-cultural environment can improve a child’s personality.

  • Gain knowledge of different international languages
    Picking up new languages is easier for children since their cognitive skills are really sharp. Now, when they have a social circle with friends from different countries, naturally they tend to pick up the nuances of each others’ respective languages. Later in their career, when it’s time to deal with clients abroad, it will be really easy for them to communicate.
  • Develop empathy towards diverse cultures
    It is really essential that one learns to be sensitive towards different races in society, and just treat each other as human beings without differentiation. Stereotyping is one of the major problems which causes most of the global issues. When children are brought up in a positive classroom environment, they tend to grow with each other in mutual respect.
  • Increase in awareness regarding the global scenario
    Since children are usually brought up in a safe shell, they need to have exposure to the world around them. By interacting with fellow students from other countries, each one gets to understand the ground realities of other countries. This will, in turn, help them to be truly caring and sensitive to the needs of people from other nations.
  • Improvement in communication skills
    One of the major problems which young kids face is communicating with people belonging to a different nationality or language. But, when they communicate on a regular basis with people of other nationalities, they tend to gain confidence and find it easier to understand as well. This will help them in the long run when during their professional life, they might need cross-cultural communication
  • Improvement in ability to adapt and adjust
    Each nationality has their own unique set of beliefs and lifestyles, and when they come together, they are exposed to a plethora of thoughts (both similarities and differences). Due to this kind of interaction, they will learn to accept and even inculcate behavioural patterns which help them form their own unique identity, as well as adjust easily anywhere they go.

In Excelsior American School, we strive to create a comfortable multi-cultural environment so that each of our students can truly learn to express themselves freely. Because, it is time we let our kids grow their wings and fly beyond the boundaries of cultural diversity.

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