• Admissions Open for 2019-2020 Session/ Registrations Open for 2020-2021


Excelsior is one of the best International Schools with boarding facilities and it aims at integrating students from all parts of the world in our school community. To ensure this, we accept admissions throughout the year to facilitate students from different international schools across the globe.

Admissions procedure
  1. a) Parents may call the school and take an appointment to meet with the Head of Admissions. The front office executive will get them requested time of appointment.
  2. b) Parents may walk into the school between 3.30pm and 5.30pm on any week day or between 9am - 2pm on any Saturday to meet the Head of Admissions. They can read the school literature available in the school lobby. They can be mailed information relevant for their child at their request.
  3. c) The School hosts Open house at the end of every quarter for all prospective parents who wish to meet the teaching staff, school counselor, career counselor. They can take a tour of the school and inspect the facility provided.
  4. d) The application for admission is accepted by the Head of Admissions after a preliminary interview with the parents and the student.
School Fees

A printed copy of the school fees structure is available in the school office. There is a registration and enrollment fees to be paid at the time of admission. The tuition fee is different for different grades and is paid quarterly for Indian national students. This fee covers teaching, sports, extracurricular and co-curricular activities. The annual fees paid in the beginning of every year by all students covers the expenses incurred in the library, laboratories, afternoon sports, first set of notebooks and standard stationary. Subsequent issue of stationery to students will be charged. This fee does not include uniforms, text books, annual camps, additional subject support, off campus sports activities, college applications, individual projects and portfolios in Visual arts/ Sciences, pocket money, insurance, medical expenses incurred on campus, external examinations, transportation etc. If a student requires additional support in learning, an additional fee needs to be paid.


Students using the school transport pay the transport fee along with the tuition fee every quarter.


Special discounts are offered on tuition fees of siblings in the same school.

School Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students from Grade 6-12. These are based on merit only and can be withdrawn subject to the student's behavior and academic performance.


If a student is accepted, a formal admission offer is sent to the parent along with the Parent- Student handbook. The Parent has to send a formal acceptance within a week to the school office.

The prospectus, which contains the admissions form, is purchased by the Parent/ Guardian, filled with compulsory information sought in certain areas and parameters, and submitted to the school. The form is available to students from all nationalities, besides, of course, students of Indian origin.

The parent/guardian next proceeds to fill the admission form that requires, majorly, the penning down of the intrinsic features of the child’s personality. It is of pertinent importance to the School that the values and principles, directions and parameters within which the child has been nurtured are revealed.

The form is submitted in the Administrative Department of the School. It is checked that all the details are duly filled in and the parent/ guardian profile is reflected as well.

The coordinator of the department in which the child seeks admission, namely Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle School and High School is contacted with the details of the child.

The Parent is required to fill the required forms as listed below:


  • Admission application Form
  • Health Form
  • Transport Form
  • FRRO Form (in case of foreign students)
  • Meal Form


A student in Grade 9-12 has to fill the subject choice form. All students from grades 1-12 choose a club and sport for the afternoon activity.


The following documents are required along with the Admission Form:


For Applicant:


  • 6 Passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of date of birth certificate or passport
  • Photocopy of Visa and FRRO (for international students only)
  • Last two/one year (s) academic report (Grade 2 and above)
  • Certificate of Merit (if any)
  • Transfer Certificate (T.C) or previous school leaving certificate



For Parent:


  • 2 passport size photographs of each parent
  • Photocopies of passport, Visa, FRRO (for international passport holders only)
  • Copy of proof of residence in India
  • Confidential letter of recommendation, from students last school principal, counselor or teacher
  • Transport request form (if availing transport)
  • Pan card of at least one parent


Returning students are also required to complete the forms as we update records every year.


In case the student needs to withdraw for unavoidable circumstances, the parent is required to give one quarter's notice, in the absence of which, the security money will be used to pay the Notice fees.

In case a student needs to withdraw temporarily, a request can be submitted in the Admissions department. In that case, the security deposit will not be returned. The student will have the right to admission on his/her return subject to his/her performance in the written assessment required for the level of entry on his/her return. The tuition fee and all other fees will be as per the existing fee structure at the time of the re-entry. The security will have to be upgraded as per the new fee structure. However registration fee and enrollment will not be applicable in such cases. Such requests can be entertained for not more than 4 academic quarters.

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